3 Energy Efficiency Tips

Home energy involves both the consumption of energy (typically your heating, air conditioning, electricity, and ventilation) as well as the prevention of consuming more than is necessary. Both cost a consumer money, which folks realize the most when they get their monthly utility bill as well as when environment changes are extreme (i.e. dead summer and the coldest part of winter). Here are three ways the folks at WA Air Conditioning have see repeatedly produce big results:

1. Weatherstripping

The fact is, homes shift over time. Little gaps appear in doorways, window frames, patio doors and similar. And all of these small holes allow cool and warm air to move back and forth, almost always to the detriment of your home utility bills. This transfer is due to the air trying to balance out differences in temperature naturally. But with improved weatherstripping done every two years or so, your home can have its sealing improved, which in turn starts saving your utility real, hard-earned cash.

2. Poor Duct Channeling

Your home HVAC system relies on clean, open ducts to move to improve air (cool or heated) to various parts of your house. Over time dust builds up in the ducts as well as in your HVAC filter. That same dust, which happens naturally from elements outside as well as inside the home, clog up the system. A regularly cleaned air filter, as well as a good routing of your ducts, can solve these problems very easily, improving your system and reducing its workload to push air through.

A second problem involves the integrity of your ductwork. If the channeling is damaged or torn in any way, that good air is simply going into the attic instead of your home. Whether heated or cooled, that literally money being blown out of the system without any benefit. Old homes with old metal ductwork suffer rust breakage holes and new homes realize duct-surface tearing if they are routed too tightly. A good inspection and repair of your ductwork can save you thousands of dollars as well over a typical year.

3. Ramping Up an Old System

One of the biggest money losers is an HVAC system past its prime. Most systems today, even highly efficient ones reach their life’s end near 12 years. If you’re at the range or older, a sudden failure could be in the mix, which could cost you plenty with emergency repairs. There are far better alternatives.

Air Conditioning Experts in Trinity, TX

WA Air Conditioning can help you with all of the above efficiencies as well as identify others specific to your home. Their technicians are some of the best AC experts in the state, serving the greater region of Trinity, Hunstville and related areas. They cover all the major elements of heating, cooling, and home HVAC systems. Call them today and stop struggling with utility bills that keep climbing.

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September 14, 2018 1:43 am