AC Maintenance in Huntsville Should Be On Your To-Do List

The weather in Huntsville, TX is warm for most of the year and why AC maintenance in Huntsville is so important. No one knows that better than WA Air Conditioning because the HVAC contractor has serviced customers with quality AC maintenance for over 23 years. If repeat business is an indicator of our success, then our list of satisfied customers is your proof.

We are a premier contractor and a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, and you have the assurance that we have the tools and expertise to install, repair, and service your air conditioning system. As an authorized dealer, we have to meet Bryant’s strict quality standards in the areas of operations, product solutions, and technical expertise. We proudly display the Bryant dealer seal that lets you know that we stand behind the HVAC equipment that our technicians install and service as well as their workmanship.

Why AC Maintenance

When you have AC maintenance performed by a technician, an air conditioning system operates at its peak efficiency. Additionally, homeowners have fewer system malfunctions and lower monthly utility bills.

Although your air conditioner does not run year-round, it takes up more than half of an energy budget. However, in a warmer climate like Huntsville, TX, air conditioners are in use for the better part of the year. Whether you are looking for AC maintenance in Huntsville or any of our service areas, you can count on qualified and certified technicians to complete air conditioning services.

We offer several comprehensive service agreement choices with one that will fit your needs. One of our technicians will help you make a scheduled maintenance plan for your system. A service agreement saves you money on repairs and gives you years of worry-free service. In addition, you avoid the headaches and inconveniences of a nonworking air conditioner. A new air conditioner requires less maintenance; however, we recommend that you purchase a service agreement to keep your system operating efficiently.

Besides AC maintenance, you should inspect your system regularly and change the air filters. The two major components of air conditioners are the indoor evaporator unit and the outdoor condenser unit. They help to improve the indoor air in your home and keep your system running efficiently.

When inspecting the evaporator, look for damaged parts, leaking hoses, and dirty air filters. If you see these conditions, contact us for service. Check the condenser unit for an overflowing condensate drip pan, remove debris, and cut back all overhanging branches or landscaping. However, if you see water, hear loud noises, or see or smell smoke, call for emergency service and we will send a technician to your Huntsville, TX home. Turn off the main power source to the air conditioner and never attempt to diagnose or open the evaporator or condenser unit.

When you or your neighbors are looking for AC maintenance in Huntsville, WA Air Conditioning has the AC services, technicians, and knowledge. Call us or contact us by email to schedule a free estimate or an appointment.


October 12, 2012 11:42 pm