Benefits of a “Smart” Thermostat

WA Air conditioning smart thermostatHeating and cooling costs often make up almost 50% of your total energy costs, so there’s no doubt that it makes sense to reduce those costs in any way possible. Smart thermostats are the newest and most high-tech option in the world of climate control. This type of thermostat is designed to give you complete control over the home’s temperature while still saving a lot of money. Here are the major advantages of a smart thermostat.

You’ll Use Less Energy
With a smart thermostat, you’ll use less energy — and this translates into lower energy bills. Smart thermostat users save at least $130 to $140 per year on average — and with some smart energy usage, you could save even more money.

You Can Control the Thermostat From Anywhere
Today’s smart thermostats can be controlled from anywhere thanks to their Wi-Fi connection ability. You can connect your iPhone or Android device to the smart thermostat to move the thermostat up or down — no matter where you are. This can be especially convenient if you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten to lower or raise the temperature before you leave the house.

You Can Talk to the Thermostat
Devices like Amazon’s Alexa can now work with some smart thermostats — which allows you to verbally control the temperature. This is an added convenience that can make you feel like you’re living in a futuristic smart house.

You Can Set a Pattern
If you have a certain pattern every day, for example turning the thermostat up or down while you sleep, you can program your smart thermostat to do that automatically. This means that you’ll never forget to change the temperature, and that can result in lower energy costs, as well as, a more comfortable home.

A smart thermostat can be the next step in making your home as energy efficient and convenient as possible. W.A. Air Conditioning Heating & Air Quality is proud to provide the best in HVAC service to Trinity, Huntsville, and all surrounding areas. Contact us anytime to learn more about how a smart thermostat can be beneficial for your home!

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June 7, 2018 4:35 pm