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The threat of flooding and severe weather conditions in Southern Texas has spread across the rest of US. The extreme weather conditions and the abundant moisture from the gulf have continued to fuel bouts of rainfall in Texas. This winter, consider contacting a specialist for your heating repair Onalaska TX area as the weather forecast is heavy rainfall.

Texas has set a new record for experiencing the wettest December, with 8 inches of rainfall. The heavy rain has caused street flooding and disruption to public transport services. Many roads have also been closed as a result of flash floods.

Flooding can happen anywhere and at any time. This natural disaster will leave no US state safe. If you ignore the risks, you can end up with damp furniture, carpet, appliances, and damaged goods. Mold will quickly follow once your belongings have flooded.

It is important to protect your home against floods. By taking the right measures to keep the water levels from rising, you will be able to save yourself a lot of money and hassle. Make sure you keep all your air conditioning units away from water penetration and raised above flood level.

All electrical power units and generators must never be sitting on the ground. When a sewer system has flooded, it can cause the sewage water to enter your home. This is why you must keep all your belongings over the ground level. Gate valves are most recommended by local authorities. These devices work by hand and provide stronger seals. They are better than check or flap valves that operate automatically. Gate valves stop the water flow so that your home or basement does not get flooded. Remember to install gate valves on all the pipes that enter your home. This will protect the property from water penetration.

If the ground is on a slope, this helps direct the water flow away from the house. It is best if the property was built in a way that water can drain away from it rather than towards it. You can easily determine this by assessing how rainwater flows during the next storm.

If your neighborhood is prone to heavy flooding, especially after a rainstorm, you should speak with your local environmental department. These experts will ensure that the water flow is sustained and can make better recommendations. For instance, if it is time to replace your roof, you should consider installing waterproof barriers underneath the shingles and protect the entire roof from water penetration.

Installing French drains is another recommendation, especially if you live on a slope and experience wet basement on a regular basis. French drains work effectively to collect water in the backyard and divert to away from the house. While there is no denying that floods are the biggest challenges homeowners face today, as long as you keep your home in good condition and keep the water away by installing drainage all around the property, you will stop or prevent potential flood damage and protect your personal belongings.

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December 17, 2016 10:30 pm