Furnace vs. Boiler

With Huntsville’s average low temperature hovering near 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months, making sure your central heating plan is dialed in is certainly a top priority. While you can go with individual space heaters if you’re not going to be moving around a lot, when it comes to efficiently heating the whole house, there’s really one heavyweight bout to consider.


A furnace works by heating air centrally and then blowing that air around your house through ductwork to heat up the room. Any room with an open vent is going to get a fairly even warm air distribution. This ductwork is also used by your central cooling, which, if you are familiar with summer in Trinity, you know how important central air is to your sanity. So, on the upside, you are repurposing the same ductwork, so your infrastructure cost is pretty low. The downside is that you have to keep warm air constantly moving, which can spread dust, pet hair, and other particulate matter which may have a negative effect on indoor air quality. So it is important to have your filter changed often and serviced regularly.


Boilers work on a different principle, known as radiant heating. Radiant heating works by boiling water, and running that water through a series of pipes located under a floor, or as a stand-alone referred to, appropriately, as a radiator. Radiant heating provides steady heat, as the water is constantly cycling through the boiling process. The added bonus is that, since heat rises, floor radiant heating is extremely efficient depending on what heat source you are using to heat the water. Since it is a closed loop system, boilers don’t have any air quality issues. But because that loop isn’t sharing the same ductwork as your air conditioner, there are added infrastructure costs.

Heating Repair in Trinity, TX

Choosing the right heating system, be it furnace or boiler, is really a personal household decision. But we can help.
W A Air Conditioning is a full-service, HVAC contractor in Huntsville and Trinity, Texas. Our expert technicians offer outstanding service at unbeatable rates – the number-one reason our clients trust us to handle all their heating needs. Schedule an appointment with us today to explore your HVAC options!

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December 13, 2018 10:18 pm