What Happens When You Close Vents in Unused Rooms?

You might have heard of this life hack before — close the vents to your unused rooms, and you’ll save money on your next energy bill. But is it actually true? You may want to learn more before you close vents throughout your home.

Don’t Expect to Save Money

It’s a tempting idea. If you close the vents to the rooms you don’t use often, then cool air will theoretically only head to the rooms you’d actually like to keep at a refreshing temperature. This means you’ll save money, since you can raise the thermostat a few degrees, safe in the knowledge that your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep you cool. Right?

Not really. See, the problem is that closing the vents of some rooms will lead to an increase in pressure in your entire HVAC system. This pressure means that your air handler will have to work even harder to get the air through to the rooms you want to be cooled. The result could actually be an increase in your energy bill.

You’ll Pay More for Repairs

Increased pressure is also not a good thing because it can lead to another expensive side effect: increased repairs. By closing off the air vents, you’ll undoubtedly end up overworking the air handler (as mentioned earlier). Overwork it enough and it might overheat. The result? A pricey repair.

Your House Might Stay at an Uncomfortable Temperature

On top of all that, your house in Trinity might not even stay at a comfortable temperature if you try this method–often times, in order to compensate for the lack of air they are receiving, the return vents in your unused rooms will begin sucking air from anywhere they can. If your house has even the smallest leaks, this will often mean bringing hot air from outside into your home, leaving you with a much warmer house than you might be comfortable with.

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June 1, 2019 11:55 pm