Have you Scheduled a Furnace Tune-Up Yet?

“Why schedule preventive maintenance?” is one of the questions we hear most often at WA Air Conditioning. Homeowners in Riverside, TX, are busy and it feels like this is just one more thing they don’t have time to do. However, it is worth a few minutes of your time to ensure that your heating system continues to function without interruption for the next year. The cost of neglecting your heating system is ultimately much higher than the cost of annual preventive maintenance.

Your Preventive Maintenance Appointment

In accordance with the federal Energy Star program, our furnace tune-up includes:

  • Inspecting thermostat settings to make sure that your furnace keeps you warm while you are at home and conserves energy when you are sleeping or away from home.
  • Checking the starting system of the furnace to ensure that it starts, runs and shuts off as it should. The best way to determine this is by running a test cycle.
  • Inspecting the condensate drain and cleaning it if it’s plugged. A plugged drain can cause major issues, such as water damage and too much humidity in your home.
  • Measuring voltage and currents on wires and tightening all electrical connections. Faulty wiring is a major safety concern.
  • Checking moving parts for dryness and lubricating as necessary. A lack of proper lubrication causes friction and forces the furnace to consume more electricity.
  • Inspecing oil or gas connections, the heat exchanger, burner combustion and gas pressure to eliminate safety risks. If this is not done, you face potential fire hazards and risk carbon monoxide poisoning.

Furnace Tune-Ups Improve Longevity

Just like any piece of equipment, the parts of your furnace wear out after continuous use. This means that the system has to work harder over time to produce the level of comfort that you need. Fortunately, you can reverse your furnace’s aging process with regular preventive maintenance. A furnace is a major purchase for most families so it only makes sense to care for it properly. You can expect your furnace to last for 20 to 25 years if it receives regular tune-ups and repairs are performed as soon as they are needed.

Efficiency and Comfort Benefits

A furnace that is operating at its full potential costs less to maintain than one that is sluggish. In addition to saving money on your monthly utility bill, you won’t need to schedule repairs nearly as often. You should also notice an even distribution of warm air to every room in your Riverside, TX, home.

Other Easy Ways to Improve Furnace Efficiency

In between annual tune-ups, be sure to clean your air filter monthly and run your ceiling fan to improve the circulation of warm air in your home. The fan should spin clockwise at a low speed for the maximum benefit. For more tips or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact WA Air today.


November 18, 2013 10:05 pm