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Number One Choice For Furnace Repair in Huntsville, TXAlthough Huntsville, TX residents may not have to put up with the extremely cold climates that residents of the northern U.S. deal with each year, having the option to use heating within your Huntsville home is still 100 percent essential. And whether you choose to have an entire furnace in Huntsville, TX installed or to use a heat pump with your air conditioning unit, W A Air Conditioning is here to serve all of the furnace repair or heat pump needs that Huntsville, TX residents require.

What Sets W A Air Conditioning Apart

In addition to offering the quality furnace repair and heater replacement Huntsville, TX residents are looking for, we specifically provide the following heating services:
Bryant Furnace System in Huntsville, TX

  • Furnace and Heat Pump Installation
  • Furnace and Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Free Home Energy Audit
  • Indoor Air Quality Control
  • Whole Home Energy Efficiency Advice
  • Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Deciding Between a Furnace or Heat Pump in Huntsville, TX

Making the decision between a heat pump and furnace can be difficult in Texas. In fact, it’s often just a gamble — how much risk are you willing to take? After all, the furnaces that Huntsville, TX residents have in their homes may be used only a few times a year and for weeks at a time the next year.

Essentially, a heat pump is a reversing valve that allows an air conditioner to run in reverse. In many ways, this can make a heat pump more efficient. However, heat pumps are also more expensive because they use electricity to operate instead of natural gas or propane, as most furnaces do.

Family Enjoying Heating System in HuntsvilleOn the other hand, furnace installation and furnace repair in Huntsville, TX is certainly an investment as well. If you do choose a furnace for your home, we strongly encourage yearly furnace maintenance, which cuts down on the repairs residents would otherwise have to deal with.

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W A Air Conditioning has been a family-owned business for over 25 years, and in addition to offering a comprehensive list of heating services, we’d also like you to know that we offer these other home services as well:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Filtration
  • Home Energy Evaluation
  • Geothermal
  • And More!

To learn more about the services and heating products we offer at W A Air Conditioning, please contact us at your convenience. We can be reached by phone at (936) 755-5727 or you can easily schedule service with our quick contact form. Not looking for a heating company in Huntsville, TX? We also offer AC services as well.