How Can I Manage the Humidity in My Home?

When the sticky conditions in your home begin to make it tough to get comfortable during the summer, you may wonder how to get a handle on the humidity. It can affect your indoor decor as well, leading to mold growth and expensive repairs. There are a couple of important factors to consider as you endeavor to manage humidity issues.

Is Your AC Optimized?

An air conditioning system dehumidifies your home when it runs correctly. However, many homeowners aren’t aware of the need to keep their equipment tuned up. This service includes a check of refrigerant levels, cleaning of coils and lubrication of appropriate moving parts. Worn parts can be checked and replaced as well.

When your system isn’t maintained properly, dirt can build on coils, leading to restricted airflow and poor performance. The coils are integral in the dehumidification process. Refrigerant is also an essential part of the process, and an undercharge can lead to poor cooling and poor dehumidification.

Improper System Sizing

More isn’t always better, especially with an air conditioning unit. Proper sizing is essential for both efficient cooling and to manage humidity. When a system is oversized, it can shut off before enough moisture condenses on your indoor coil. The little condensate liquid present is more likely to move back into your airstream. If you notice that your AC runs for less than 15 minutes at a time, you may want to consult with your HVAC contractor.

Dehumidification Equipment

If you experience more trouble with humidity when the temperatures are cooler, then you may need to consider equipment that is designed specifically for moisture management. Some AC systems have dehumidification modes that allow their fans to run at very slow speeds so that moisture can condense without cooling the entire structure. This is ideal for those who deal with problems during times of milder temperatures. You can also think about installing controls that monitor moisture levels. Some thermostats work together with AC systems to keep these levels in check.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

A secondary issue for many who are plagued by high moisture levels in the home is that of mold. An indoor air evaluation is ideal for pinpointing this and other pollutants in your airstream. The material can take harbor in your ducts, coils and filter. Air purification equipment may be useful for keeping spores out of circulation so that spread is limited. Germicidal equipment actually kills mold, viruses and bacteria.

Professional Services

You can contact WA Air Conditioning in Huntsville, TX to discuss your needs for managing indoor moisture or air quality issues. We can provide you with suggestions for the most appropriate steps based on your description of the problem. Whether you need to have your system optimized or whether you need supplemental dehumidification equipment, we are able to help. We are committed to great value and optimum home comfort as we address the needs of each customer.


June 12, 2013 10:41 pm