How Does Air Quality In Huntsville, TX Affect Your health?

Indoor air quality in Huntsville, TX, can determine whether or not you stay healthy. Warm climates with normally high humidities are perfect conditions for those unwanted contaminates inside buildings and homes.

Molds and Allergens

Moisture problems with higher humidity are the main causes of mold growth. Some molds contain compounds that are highly toxic, but these toxins do not pose danger from the airborne spores. These spores however have a more serious allergenic effect on people with asthma. Moisture buildup from plumbing leaks, and condensation caused by improper ventilation are sources for mold to propagate and release harmful spores into the air.

Pollens and other allergens attach themselves to pet dander and dust particles finding their way into homes and buildings. When poor ventilation is present inside a room, these pollutants can make the living area a health hazard. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to the dangers of air contamination in confined areas.


Volatile organic compounds have always been a problem in businesses but are becoming more noticeable in homes as well. With the advent of home offices and computer equipment, VOCs need to be recognized as an indoor air quality problem in Huntsville, TX. These gases are emitted from paint, building materials, pesticides, cleaning solutions, glues, photographic materials and permanent marker pens. Heated water that has been chlorinated for drinking releases chloroform, cooking oils overheated emit formaldehyde. The most common modern day equipment producing VOCs is the copier and printer used with home and office computer systems. These and many other home products are reasons VOCs linger in the air, and must be efficiently dealt with to prevent adverse health issues.

Air Quality Solutions

W A Air Conditioning in the Huntsville, TX, area has a solution for every air quality problem in your home or business. Our NATE-certified specialists can evaluate your indoor air problems and repair any brand equipment you currently use. If new equipment is needed, we install the best Bryant systems in the industry to guarantee you long-lasting, trouble-free heating and air conditioning service.

Our efficient air purification and ventilator systems will remove and destroy mold, bacteria, dust, smoke, air particles and viruses in the air, and replace it with fresh, clean, and healthy air. Bryant humidifiers insure a comfortable atmosphere inside your home or business while controlling air moisture and static electricity. That mold that can form on air conditioning and heating coils is eliminated with UV lamp technology.

Our record of excellence in over 23 years of heating and air conditioning service has been obtained by making the customer the most important part of our business. When air quality, comfort, and service is a requirement for your home or business, W A Air Conditioning is the solution.


January 23, 2013 4:38 pm