Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important for Your Health?

Indoor air quality tells us if the air inside a home is clean and healthy. Bacteria, mold, particulates and common gases such as carbon monoxide and radon negatively affect indoor air quality (IAQ). Undoubtedly, air quality directly affects the comfort and health of a building’s occupants.

The best way to test the quality of building’s air is an IAQ assessment, which involves collecting air samples, monitoring exposure to air pollutants, and checking airflow using computer models. Typically, there are two primary effects of indoor air pollutants:

Immediate Effects

Some effects are visible soon after exposure or after several exposures to a particular pollutant. They include eye irritation, dizziness, fatigue, and persistent headaches. Typically, immediate effects are treatable. Often treatment involves simply moving a victim away from an identifiable pollutant. Moreover, prolonged exposure to the contaminant may aggravate the symptoms of certain diseases such as asthma.

An individual’s immediate reactions to pollutants depend on their age and health condition. Also, different people have varying sensitivities. A person’s sensitivity increases once they get exposed to specific chemical or biological pollutants.

Individual effects resemble those of viral diseases such as colds. Therefore, it’s vital to determine if the symptoms are due to an air pollutant. Also, you should be keen on the location and time of the signs. Some effects may worsen due to insufficient supply of fresh outdoor air.

Long-Term Effects

Some health effects may last for a long time after an exposure, including cancer, cardiovascular problems, and respiratory diseases. Therefore, it’s crucial to improve your home’s indoor air quality even if you don’t notice any symptoms.

Although indoor air pollutants can lead to fatal health effects, there is no precise concentration required to cause specific health complications. Also, people react differently to various air pollutants.

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March 30, 2018 5:41 pm