The Major Consequences of Not Changing Your Air Filter

Changing your air filter on a schedule is an inexpensive way to keep your indoor air system in good condition. Homeowners who don’t keep up with this task find out quickly that it’s a costly mistake to skip. There are many consequences that come about when you do not change your air filter.

Airflow Is Blocked

Air filters prevent dirt, pollen, and contaminants from entering the system and the air you breathe. Combine regular filter replacement with a twice-a-year inspection that includes cleaning the components. Your system should be able to run well for many years. When you don’t replace the filter on a schedule, airflow becomes blocked, and the dirt can build up more easily on the interior of the unit.

Homes without a pet can go as long as 90 days before changing the filter. A single pet requires a 60-day replacement, and if you have multiple indoor pets, change the filter every 30 days. Homeowners with small floor plans and no pets can go six months without a replacement.

System Failures Occur

Dirty air filters can cause a system to overheat and fail. Clogged parts and components wear out more easily. An uncomfortable indoor air experience and a string of surprise breakdowns are likely when a filter is too dirty. In fact, operating your system can become risky. W A Air Conditioning has a skilled team of repair and maintenance technicians ready to serve you in Trinity.

Monthly Energy Costs Increase

When airflow is blocked, your equipment has to struggle to meet your temperature demands. It can begin running inefficiently and cause your utility bills to rise. Compare the cost of filter replacement with an expensive energy bill and the difference is obvious. It’s far more cost-effective and efficient to keep up with filter replacements.

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December 12, 2019 8:49 pm