Our Experts Can Help with a Heating System Repair in Lovelady TX

Our experts, at WA Air Conditioning, can help with a heating system repair in Lovelady TX. We offer flat-rate billing, 24 hour emergency service and same day service for your convenience. Our Bryant factory trained techs are skilled professionals who can perform a heating system repair on any brand of HVAC equipment. We take pride in our team’s ability to quickly diagnose and repair any heating system.


Sometimes a replacement system is just a better option than a heating system repair. If you are deliberating between the two options, let our techs help you make your decision. We can assess your home for an appropriate replacement system and quickly run some numbers on available options. If the price to repair is significant,  then replacement may be the better option. Other things that you may want to take into consideration is the increased reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of a new system.

If you do decide on a replacement unit, you may decrease your energy consumption up to 25 percent, which can equal big savings on your utility bills. Another benefit of a new system is the protection that you receive from your factory warranty.


To keep your system in peak-operating condition, you should obtain a biannual tune-up. These tune-ups enable us to make fine adjustments to your system, clean and lubricate components and run system tests. A major benefit of biannual maintenance is ensuring the longevity of the system. Regular maintenance can also save you money, as it reduces the chances of needing a heating system repair, and it helps the machine operate more efficiently, which reduces your monthly energy consumption.

Financing and Special Offers

To help you afford the most efficient machine for your home, we offer flexible financing options, including deferred interest plans. Other forms of acceptable payment include credit cards, personal checks and cash.

We also offer rebates and specials for all of our services on our webpage. Additionally, our sales reps will make you aware of any current factory rebates when you are purchasing a new system.

Home Performance Evaluations

We participate in Energy Star’s Home Performance Evaluation program. This unique program takes a whole home approach to improving energy efficiency by reducing the amount of escaping heated or cooled air from the home. By allowing our techs to evaluate your home, you can increase your energy efficiency and reduce utility bills. After our evaluation, you will be presented with a written and verbal report containing your home’s energy rating and sources of potential problems. Using this report as a guide, you can easily improve the energy efficiency of your Lovelady TX home.


November 28, 2012 4:38 pm