Possible Problems Associated with Your Heating System in Lovelady TX

When the heating system in your Lovelady TX home begins to malfunction, it is important to identify the origin of the problem as quickly as possible. Doing so will help to minimize the potential for damage to various components of the system and keep the cost of repairs a little lower. In addition, making the repairs quickly will mean that the amount of energy consumed by the system will return to normal in no time. At WA Air Conditioning, we realize that responding quickly translates into savings for our customers.

Checking for Worn Components

When a heating system is not functioning as efficiently as usual, one of the first things that a service technician will consider is the possibility that one or more components have worn out. Upon arriving at your Lovelady TX home, our technician will attempt to isolate the part that is causing the operational problem. Once it is identified, the component is checked thoroughly for signs of wear. If the part is damaged or worn to the point that it needs replacing, we will advise you of the cost and the amount of time needed to manage the replacement. After obtaining your authorization, we can move on to the task of completing the repairs and restoring the unit to full functionality.

As part of the overall evaluation of the heating system in Lovelady, we will also check the components that work directly with the damaged component. The idea is to determine if any of those parts have sustained any additional wear or damage that would ultimately affect their efficiency. In many cases, the damage will be isolated to the component that needs replacing. At other times, the problem may have developed over time and require more comprehensive repairs. When this is the case, we will talk with you about what needs to be done before making any changes to the system.

How About Auxiliary Parts of the System?

While many operational issues focus on the main unit, it also pays to check the other sections of the heating system in your home. For example, the operational issue may have nothing to do with the main unit. The origin of the issue may have to do with the wiring between the unit and the control panel. At other times, the problem may be caused by a situation with the air return or possibly even faulty duct work.

When the main unit is checked and everything is in order, the technician will take into account the nature of the problem and begin inspecting all the auxiliary sections of the heating system in Lovelady. This will call for a thorough inspection that involves access to the attic or any other area in which the duct work is found. At the same time, the technician will likely need to spend some time tracing the flow of current from the unit to the control box. Since this will require access to different parts of your home, your presence during the inspection phase is very much appreciated.

Can the Problem Involve Multiple Issues?

While it is often possible to trace the malfunction to a specific component or group of related components, there are situations in which multiple sections of the heating system are not working properly. Before leaving your own, our team from WA Air Conditioning will make it a point to make sure the repairs did in fact resolve the problem. If the system is still not operating at peak efficiency, this is a clue that there is another issue to be addressed. Rest assured we will remain with you until the entire problem is identified and resolved.


October 26, 2012 4:38 pm