A Properly Used Ceiling Fan Can Help You Save on Energy Costs

Your ceiling fan may seem like yet another appliance that runs up your energy bills, but in reality it has much more potential. Used right, it will help you beat the Trinity and Huntsville area’s heat for less than you pay now.

How Ceiling Fans Save You Money

The “wind-chill” effect created by a ceiling fan can make you feel up to four degrees cooler. This lets you increase your air conditioner thermostat by four degrees with no loss of comfort. Every degree you raise your thermostat above 78 degrees for eight hours a day could reduce your cooling bills by 7 to 10 percent.

Most ceiling fans use less energy than a 100-watt light bulb. That means your fan uses less energy per hour than your air conditioner. The end result is a reduction in energy use and a drop in your bills.

By reversing your fan’s direction (to clockwise) in winter, you can create an updraft instead of a breeze. This updraft circulates warm air, meaning your thermostat won’t kick on the furnace or heat pump as quickly, which will save energy.

Choosing the Right Fan

Because they move air throughout the whole room, ceiling fans cool more efficiently than standing or tabletop fans. Not just any ceiling fan will do, though.

Find your size – An undersized fan won’t cool well enough to let you cut back on your air conditioning. A room larger than 225 square feet should have at least one 52-inch fan or, if the room is longer than 18 feet, multiple, evenly spaced fans. For smaller rooms, a 36- to 44-inch fan will do.

Pick the right mounting – If your ceiling is higher than 9 feet, choose a fan with an extended mount to ensure the cooling breeze reaches you. For low ceilings, low-profile (hugger) fans are available.

Look for the Energy Star label – A ceiling fan that meets Energy Star specifications is at least 20 percent more efficient than one that doesn’t.

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September 18, 2014 3:18 pm