The Biggest Reasons Your Heating Bill is Too High

Without a fully operational furnace, the interior of a home would freeze on those brutally cold winter nights. Homeowners appreciate the warm airflow, but they might not like how high their monthly bills are. Sometimes, those heating bills really are more than they should be. Once you know what’s causing your heating bill to be costly, you may be able to take steps to lower them.

The Thermostat Is Set Too High

The higher the temperature, the harder your furnace works, relying on more gas to reach the desired temperature. If you want a home to stay at 71 degrees 24 hours a day, expect a higher heating bill. Lowering the temperature could still deliver a comfortable home at a lower cost.

The Filter Is Dirty

A dirty filter causes all kinds of problems, and some of them can be serious. A dirty filter might restrict airflow and cause other issues with the system. Efficiency suffers. If the furnace compensates to work harder, then costs may go up. The furnace could even overheat, leading to significant damage. W A Air Conditioning sends technicians capable of providing repair and maintenance work. If someone in the Trinity region needs a new heater installed, the company can handle that request, too.

Poor Insulation

Without a doubt, poor insulation often serves as a stealth reason why heating bills go sky high. You may not notice that space underneath the door, but the opening is allowing hot air to escape. Your furnace then runs a lot harder to reach the designated thermostat temperature. All sorts of reasons can cause insulation problems. Perhaps you should have someone come to perform an energy efficiency check.

The Furnace Is Wearing Out

A furnace eventually reaches the end of its lifespan. Efficiency suffers as the system ages and starts to suffer wear and tear. That’s one reason why annual inspections and tune-ups are important. At some point, however, a furnace requires replacing.

W A Air Conditioning isn’t a new arrival on the Trinity heating and cooling scene. The family-owned business and Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer has served local customers for 25 years. Call and ask about heating and air conditioning services today.

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December 1, 2019 8:40 pm