Routine Furnace Maintenance Is a Must

After getting through the hot, humid summer months, it’s time to get ready for what winter might bring to Trinity, Texas. You don’t want to turn on your furnace and find that your home remains cold or doesn’t provide as much warmth as you know it should. To ensure your furnace is working properly this winter, and to avoid any serious problem(s) that could be lurking, contact your HVAC professional for routine furnace maintenance.

Furnace Produces No Heat

If your furnace is not producing enough heat, start by checking the thermostat. Is it working properly and set at the right point? If so, it is possible that there is a problem with the circuit breaker or fuse box. A tripped circuit or a blown fuse are likely causes. A common problem too is that the pilot light could be out. Any malfunction with the hot surface ignition, electronic ignition system, or the intermittent pilot ignition system could cause the furnace to not produce heat.

Furnace Emits Too Little Heat

If the furnace is producing some heat, but not enough, the problem could be a clogged air filter or obstructions in the system. Replace the air filter or have the heating system cleaned. A dirty air filter restricts efficient airflow through the system, and also causes it to work harder to provide sufficient heat throughout the home. Your HVAC service professional can show you how to clean or replace your filter, as this task needs to be done regularly.

Furnace Is Cycling On and Off

When the furnace cycles on and off too frequently, a dirty air filter could also be the reason. If you have never had your system evaluated, it would be a good time to ensure that it is the right size for your home. Blower motor problems can also cause this, and these should be checked by a qualified HVAC professional. A malfunctioning thermostat too, could the furnace to turn on and off frequently.

Don’t be left with a failing furnace this winter. Call the experts at W A Air Conditioning at 936-594-5603 for maintenance or regular service. We will keep your system running efficiently so that you can reduce energy consumption, and save more.

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November 18, 2015 5:12 pm