4 Myths About Saving Energy in Summer and How They Can Cost You

Saving Energy in SummerBecause of hiked A/C costs, summer is the season when Texas homeowners can expect the highest energy bills. What are you doing to cut energy bills? If you succumb to any myths about saving energy in the summer, you could be spending more than necessary. Debunk these myths here and now to make optimal energy savings a reality.

  • MYTH: Crank the thermostat down to cool the house faster. Most times, this simply wastes energy as the temperature gradually drops below your ideal comfort zone. The best method is to turn the thermostat down one degree at a time if you’re overheated.
  • MYTH: Turn off the A/C when you leave home. The idea is to save energy while you’re gone, but turning off the A/C completely is a mistake. Excessive heat could damage your belongings, and resuming a comfortable temperature takes a lot of time and energy. As a compromise, turn the temperature up 8 to 10 degrees and set the programmable thermostat to resume a comfortable temperature before you get home.
  • MYTH: Run ceiling fans 24/7. Like other myths about saving energy in summer, there’s some truth to this one. After all, ceiling fans help you stay cool while running the A/C less, but the wind chill created by a ceiling fan only cools people, not the air. That means you should turn the fan off when the room is empty to prevent wasting electricity.
  • MYTH: Close supply registers to boost efficiency. Closing the air vents in one consistently unused room is logical, but don’t close any more than 20 percent of the vents in your home. The result is an unbalanced air distribution system that could affect comfort and raise your energy bills, negating your efforts to save money.

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July 21, 2014 2:27 pm