Trinity Residents Save Money with our Home Energy Audits & Surveys

Energy StarAs participants in the ENERGY STAR Home Performance Evaluation Program, sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, W A Air Conditioning experienced energy auditors are qualified to perform your home evaluation. This official Home Performance Evaluation, or home energy audit, which we offer to customers in the Trinity, TX area, provides a comprehensive overview of your home’s current energy-efficiency level. Every home energy audit also includes our energy auditors’ professional recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Have Necessary AC Repairs in Trinity?

If your home energy audit should uncover an improperly functioning heating or cooling system, our energy auditors will suggest repairs to help improve your home’s energy efficiency and save you money. In the event that repairs should be required, you can rest assured that our NATE-trained and certified technicians can handle the task. Their years of experience in repairing a wide variety of equipment brands mean that your repair job will be in safe hands and your system well on its way to a new level of efficiency.

New Equipment Installation in Trinity and the Surrounding Areas

In some cases, your home energy audit may reveal the need for a home improvement project to enhance the energy efficiency of your home. In addition to sealing and insulating your home, these projects generally include ensuring that your home is being heated and cooled as efficiently as possible. With this end in mind, our energy auditors might recommend replacing your outdated or highly inefficient heating or cooling system. Should your home energy audit indicate this necessity, our installation specialists will be happy to install the new system of your choice at your convenience. We can deliver and install new equipment anywhere in the Trinity, TX area.

Prescriptive and Preventive Maintenance for your Heating & AC System

In the event that our energy auditors should discover, during the course of your home energy audit, that your home’s heating and cooling equipment is functioning properly but simply requires routine maintenance, W A’s technicians can provide a tune-up to help restore your equipment to optimal efficiency. To ensure that your system remains energy-efficient over time, our energy auditors may also suggest one of our convenient Service Agreements for ongoing preventative maintenance.