Spring is Approaching – These 3 Tips Will Help Prepare your Air Conditioning System – Trinity, TX

Very hot weather is all too familiar for those living in Trinity, Texas where air conditioning is necessary for comfort during the hot spring and summer weather. We at WA Air Conditioning provide air conditioning repair or air conditioning installation of a new system for your home or business. Residents living in Trinity, Huntsville, Riverside, and Lovelady can count on our more than 23 years of HVAC experience. The three tips below will keep your air conditioning system operating at peak efficiency.

Call Before Summer Season
In order to beat the summer rush for air conditioning repair or service, it is advisable to schedule an appointment before summer begins. By doing this, you will avoid service delays and the inconvenience of interrupted air conditioning service when you need it most in the sweltering heat. Additionally, it is a good time to assess if you should have one of our certified and qualified technicians complete an air conditioning installation of an energy efficient model.

Service Agreements
You can avoid an expensive air conditioning installation or an unnecessary air conditioning repair bill when you purchase a service agreement. This is the most cost effective way to maintain your cooling equipment while making sure it is operating efficiently.

Preventative Maintenance
If you do not have a service agreement with us, you can schedule regular maintenance or a tune up by giving us a call. We at WA Air Conditioning recommend a check up and a tune up performed on your cooling system twice a year. Additionally, we are available for 24-hour emergency services. A well maintained system saves on utility bills, runs efficiently, and gives you extended years of service.

Our business is family owned and we provide fast, friendly service. For air conditioning installation of an efficient system or air conditioning repair, call us for an estimate.


May 7, 2012 11:39 pm