Bryant HVAC Systems Trinity, TX

Air Conditioning Models

Bryant AC SystemBryant Air Conditioners are considered one of the leading central air conditioners system available today. Bryant has been in business over 100 years and stays in business because they know what they are doing.  If you are looking for a Bryant Air Conditioner call W.A. Air Conditioning.

Air Conditioners are measured by their SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) rating. AS of 2006, the Federal Government has mandated that all new air conditioners have a rating of at least 13. The idea is to have a high coolness factor with a lower energy output.  Bryant models feature different seer ratings.  We can help you weigh the cost of the unit against the cost of the long term savings and find the unit that will work the best for you.

W.A. Air Conditioning also has licensed technicians that can repair Bryant AC units for you when needed. We have you covered rather you or purchasing the unit or wanting service for you preexisting unit.

If you are looking for a Bryant dealer give W.A. Air Conditioning a call. We carry them there for you.

Bryant Heating Solutions

Bryant Furnace SystemAre you looking to buy a new furnace? Do you need your Bryant Furnace repaired? W.A. Air Conditioning is proud to be Licensed Bryant Dealer. We are able to help you with any decisions regarding installing a new Bryant product in your home. If you already have a Bryant furnace we are able to service and repair your unit.

We offer both preventative maintenance services and repair work. We strongly feel that maintenance plans are the best way to keep your furnace running efficiently. Having your unit service annual will keep it running at peak performance and extend its life.

We also realize that sometimes things just happen.  We are available to come and repair your unit anytime. If it is winter and a emergency, give us a call.  If your unit is making different or grinding noises, not keeping the home as warm as usually or displaying strange or different behavior, the time to call is before the furnace stops.

Don’t call just anyone to work on your furnace. If repairs are needed on your Bryant Furnace, call a licensed Bryant dealer. Call W.A. Air Conditioning for all of your Bryant HVAC Heating Repair and Installation needs!