Routine Furnace Maintenance Is a Must

After getting through the hot, humid summer months, it’s time to get ready for what winter might bring to Trinity, Texas. You don’t want to turn on your furnace and find that your home remains cold or doesn’t provide as much warmth as you know it should. To ensure your furnace is working properly this winter, and to avoid any serious problem(s) that could be lurking, contact your HVAC professional for routine furnace maintenance. Furnace Produces No Heat If your furnace is not producing enough heat, start by checking the thermostat. Is it working properly and set at the right point? If so, it is possible that there is a problem with the circuit breaker or fuse box. A tripped circuit or a blown fuse are likely causes. A common problem too is that the pilot light could be out. Any malfunction with the hot surface ignition, electronic ignition system, or the intermittent pilot ignition system could cause the furnace to not produce heat. Furnace Emits Too Little Heat If the furnace is producing some heat, but not enough, the problem could be a clogged air filter or obstructions in the system. Replace the air filter or have the heating...

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Want to Reduce Utility Costs? We Offer Advice From Energy Experts

Lowering energy usage and saving money isn’t rocket science, but there’s a good chance you’re not doing everything you can. This is why our energy experts have put together a list of five key areas you can look into now before the hot, energy-guzzling summer months arrive in Huntsville. Aging Heating or Cooling System In a typical home, the use of a heating or cooling system accounts for more than half of the monthly energy usage. Much of this is caused by aging systems that are no longer energy efficient. Newer HVAC systems backed by Energy Star are more efficient than ever and will save you money for years to come. Old Appliances Whether you own an old fridge, microwave or washing machine, older appliances simply aren’t as energy efficient as the newer models. And if you have a few of these old appliances, the amount of energy you’re wasting quickly adds up. No Regular Maintenance Regardless of the age of your home’s heating or cooling system, you should hire a professional technician to give them a preventive tune-up once a year. This will keep energy efficiency in top form and extend their life span. Insufficient Insulation The lack of sufficient insulation allows...

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Become Energy Efficient While Conserving More Energy

Although it seems like a mystery to some homeowners, saving money isn’t as difficult as you might think. For Trinity homeowners, you simply need to incorporate two processes into your daily routines: conserving energy and being energy efficient.

Tips for Setting the Programmable Thermostat for All-Day Comfort and Energy Savings

Programmable thermostats can be an effective tool to help reduce energy costs if used properly. The temperature can be set to allow less use of your cooling and heating systems during periods when everyone is away or occupants are sleeping. Then your home can be brought to a comfortable level just before people return home or awaken. There are three basic types of programmable thermostats. The model in your home will determine the settings that are available to you. 7-day thermostats – Different programs can be set on different days with up to four different settings within a single day. This is the most flexible thermostat. 5+2 thermostats – The weekday program stays the same, but a different setting can be used for the weekend days. 5-1-1 thermostats – Saturday can have one program and Sunday another, while weekdays can use another program. Depending on the type of thermostat in your home, a correct programming schedule can be employed to reduce energy costs without sacrificing your home comfort. Here are some tips to get you started programming your thermostat. Set for long periods of time – Keep the thermostat set for the maximum energy savings for long periods during the day when people are away from home. Eight hours is usually considered a minimum in order to achieve meaningful...

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