The Advanced Energy Center Has Projected the U.S. to be Energy Independent by 2016-How Will This Be Possible?

A new report by Advanced Energy Center of America states that the U.S. should be able to gain energy independence by 2016. WA Air Conditioning is following this story closely because, if it happened, it would change the course of U.S. history. It would most likely lead to new air conditioning options, and air conditioning specialists would need to learn how to work with new forms of technology. As a leading air conditioner repair and installation company in Trinity, TX, we are committed to staying on top of emerging air conditioning options and other related topics. Learn how energy independence may be possible below.

How Energy Independence could Happen – and How it could Affect Your Air Conditioner

According to Advanced Energy Center of America, energy independence is already well under way. If we could eliminate our reliance on foreign oil, for example, the cost of running an air conditioner would probably drop dramatically. In a single year, the U.S. uses approximately $500 billion in foreign oil. To accommodate new forms of technology, air conditioning specialists and air conditioner repair and installation service providers would need special training. Most likely, new air conditioner options would emerge, so companies would need to train their technicians about new air conditioner repair and installation requirements.

Is it Possible?

Despite the fact that around 50 percent of our energy comes from foreign sources, it is possible for us to become energy independent by 2016. If it happens, air conditioning specialists like WA Air Conditioning would need to be able to provide new air conditioning options. The cost of running a standard air conditioner would probably drop. There is no doubt that energy independence would have a strong impact on air conditioner repair and installation customers in and around Trinity, TX. The most talented air conditioning specialists would be ready and able to provide new air conditioning options because energy would cost less.


May 4, 2012 9:17 pm