The Importance of Air Condition Repair in Huntsville

Summertime in Huntsville, TX, is no time for an air conditioner to break down. The best way to avoid needing AC repair is to have regular air conditioning maintenance performed on your unit. WA Air Conditioning would like to offer the following advice on the best way to keep your unit running at peak efficiency throughout the year.

Your air conditioner pulls indoor air in through a filter. This filter stops dirt, hair, dust and debris from entering the system. If these contaminants enter the system, they will coat the evaporator coils and prevent them from dehumidifying the air properly. Contaminants can also coat the electronics and interfere with the AC’s operation. This can be a costly AC repair. Replacing or cleaning the filter every month is the easiest air conditioning maintenance people can perform.

A clogged drain line backing up into the house is the most common call for emergency AC repair. This can be prevented with routine air conditioning maintenance on a monthly basis. Pour a cup of ordinary bleach into the drain line and drain pan. This will kill any mold or algae growing in the lines. It will dissolve any organic material that makes its way into the drain.

Outside, the condenser unit must be free of debris or obstructions. One common AC repair on this unit is damaged fins or fan blades. Remove plant material from around the unit, ensuring that no branches or leaves hang over the top. Straighten any bent fins with a special and inexpensive fin comb. Building a frame around the unit and covering it with solar shade fabric will help extend the life of the motor. It will not have to work as hard in the summer. Regular air conditioning maintenance on this unit should be performed by a licensed technician. He or she will check the oil and refrigerant level; filling them as necessary. Belts, bearings and more will be inspected carefully and replaced as needed.

The ducting system is overlooked by most homeowners as being part of the HVAC system until a problem arises. When AC repair is needed for the ducts, it often involves insulation and roofing materials. This can be very expensive. Regular air conditioning maintenance for the ducts includes a complete inspection to find and seal any leaks. This allows all the cooled or heated air to enter the house instead of the attic. Repairing missing or torn insulation prevents condensation and cooling or heating loss. Cleaning the ducts removes contaminants that can cause respiratory problems. Your HVAC system will deliver clean, comfortable air to your home.

In Huntsville, TX, WA Air Conditioning is ready to serve all your maintenance and repair needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you need to replace your system, their expert technicians can help you choose a unit that will save money on the utility bills. They can explain the many new technologies available on the market today. Some units qualify for tax rebates and incentives to help defray your costs.


August 17, 2012 11:42 pm