Tips to Help Save Money on Energy Costs in Your Older Trinity Home

There are a lot of benefits to living in an older Trinity, TX home. In many cases, the older homes are well built and have a reasonable amount of character and charm. When that older home is equipped with a heating ventilation and air conditioning system that is efficient, the space can be quite comfortable. Along with regular air conditioner repair and maintenance, homeowners can also use a few other strategies to increase that efficiency and keep energy costs under control. We at WA Air Conditioning are happy to provide a few tips that will help you with this task. 

The Importance of Regular Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

When it comes to the HVAC system itself, regular maintenance and repair will help to keep the unit functioning at optimum efficiency. The homeowner can manage some of that maintenance. For example, inspecting and changing the filters regularly will make it possible for the system to manage airflow more efficiently. This translates into savings on your energy costs.

Inspections and repairs by professionals will also extend the life of the system and help the unit to function more efficiently. The inspection makes it possible to identify any moving parts that may have endured sufficient wear and tear to adversely affect one or more system functions. By replacing those components in a timely manner, the system can function properly and keep the interior of the home at a reasonable temperature. 

Check the Insulation

Along with regular air conditioner repair and maintenance, it never hurts to check the condition of the home’s insulation. Over time, some types of insulation can deteriorate. This makes it harder to heat and cool the home and places additional stress on the HVAC system. In addition, the system will use more power in an attempt to keep running and maintain the desired temperature. A home with poor insulation will be very costly to heat and cool.

The solution is to upgrade the insulation in the home. Along with adding insulation in the walls, consider more insulation in the attic and the ceilings. Insulation that is able to fill all the little nooks and crannies that allow air to seep in from the outside will make the home tighter. As a result, you will save a significant amount on energy costs and prolong the life of your air conditioning system. 

Inspect the Windows and Doors

Small air passages around windows and exterior doors will often make it harder to heat and cool a home. Taking steps to block those passages will save a great deal of money on utility costs. There are a number of products that homeowners can use to seal and cover those passages, without interfering with the functionality of the windows and doors. With the tiny air leaks sealed, the home will be much easier to keep at a reasonable temperature. 

Close the Blinds

Window blinds make it easier to heat and cool an older home. In summer, close the blinds to block direct sunlight from entering the rooms. The barrier created by the blinds will reduce the amount of heat that enters the home by way of the windowpanes. During the winter months, closing the blinds will also minimize the amount of cold that seeps into the home from those windows. This simple tip can make a significant different in your energy costs. 

Have a Home Inspection

Depending on the age of your Trinity, TX home, there may be other ideas that will reduce the incidence of air conditioner repair and minimize the cost of operating the HVAC system. Our technicians at WA Air Conditioning can perform a complete inspection of the home and provide a list of options for making the home more energy efficient. Over the course of a year, you will find that making those changes will lower your utility bills significantly and make your home even easier to heat and cool.


July 27, 2012 11:42 pm