Top Product Warranty Benefits

Customers of heating and air conditioning products look for different benefits when considering a company to patronize. They look at prices, quality, years in service, and more. Hopefully, they also look at the warranty options available. Not everyone thinks much of warranties since they “only” have value if something goes wrong. Don’t overlook the benefits of a reliable warranty, however. They help out in many ways.

Warranties Save Money

Most people already realize that warranties save money on replacement parts. If something is wrong with a filter, a warranty covers a new one. What customers don’t realize is that warranties frequently cover labor.

Depending on the job, labor could cost more than the part. Why pay the repair professional out of your pocket when a warranty covers the expense? Also, financing repair and replacement costs with a credit card, a home equity loan, and the like comes with interest expenses. Borrowing means you pay more.

Warranties Save You Time

Not everyone has the budget to repair a malfunctioning HVAC unit or air conditioner. Waiting around to acquire extra money or credit takes time. The weather won’t wait, though.

With a warranty in place, the customer follows the appropriate steps to file a claim. He or she can do so the minute a problem arises. By getting the warranty ball in motion, the time necessary to address any problems with the heating and cooling system becomes minimal.

Warranties Give You Access to Qualified Repair Pros

Questions exist about freelance repair workers placing advertisements online or around the neighborhood. Homeowners doubtfully want someone lacking qualifications to touch their air conditioner or home heating system.

With a warranty, you can rest easy knowing that the associated service technician has the necessary skills to do the job. Warranties offered by the company that performed the original work allow you to stick with a team that knows how to properly handle HVAC projects. Be sure to read the warranty to determine what the contract covers. This way, you know when to place a call and expect warranty coverage.

W A Air Conditioning offers repairs, tune-ups, and installations for heating and cooling systems. We also provide home energy audits, indoor air quality tests, and geothermal system services. The crew at W A Air Conditioning serves Trinity, Huntsville, and the surrounding areas. Do you want to know more about warranties, repairs, and installations? Please call W A Air Conditioning today.

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May 24, 2019 12:10 am