What is a Forced Air Heating System?

A forced air central heating system uses air as its transfer medium. Most people are not aware of the term. It does not mean you have not done research; it means the choices vary in a way that you and your technician will find and discuss what is best to heat your home in the depths of winter.

Defining Forced Air Heating System

The simple explanation of a forced air heating system is that it uses air to carry heat to distribute it throughout your home.  The heated air then travels through ducts to heat your home efficiently. The temperature the air warms to directly connects to what temperature you have set your thermostat. When your desired temperature is reached, it will shut itself off, and you stay comfortable.

Difference In Heating Units

The primary difference of forced air heating systems is the equipment used to warm and emit the warm air.

  • Gas furnaces emit heat through the combustion of natural gas. Furnace repair and maintenance is a yearly chore to ensure you are warm in the winter.
  • Electric furnaces use a heating element rather than gas. The spark, when turned on, creates the flow of warm air.  Both gas and electric furnaces have blowers that distribute the heated air.
  • Many people live in climates that do not have extremes. In those cases, a heat pump is often the primary source of heat. The draw is the energy efficiency in milder climates.
  • A hydronic coil system is utilized to both cool and heat a home. Instead of gas or electricity, coil systems use heated water to produce warmth. The most common are steam and hot water radiators.

Focus On Forced Air Heating System

A heating system such as a furnace is only efficient and useful during winter. Forced air systems commonly come with the addition of a central air system. The combination ensures you are comfortable year around. If you have ducts already in place, the installation is easy. However, if your home is ductless, the heat and cooling unit will require more time and work to install.

Whether for furnace repair or forced air heating system installation, W A Air Conditioning has NATE certified technicians prepared to assist you and establish a long-term relationship. As a family-owned business, W A Air Conditioning Huntsville, Texas, we strive to be a full-service contractor that you will contact before you find yourself frozen in the middle of a cruel winter. Call us today!


November 21, 2017 6:48 pm