What Is Super Cooling?

Family enjoying air conditioning inside In the summer and in particular, the July and August months, the temperatures peak to the unbearable points such that the air conditioning systems have to run non-stop. And with that comes high energy bills.

Considering the outdoor temperatures in Texas tend to skyrocket, the ‘set it and forget it’ old-school energy-saving trick isn’t always effective. Luckily, there’s ‘cool’ way to bring your power bill down called supercooling

Super Cooling
Well, supercooling may mean a lot of things in the science world, say cooling a liquid below the freezing point without it becoming a solid.

But in the HVAC industry, it means chilling everything in the house simultaneously during the right time in the summer season with the objective of saving on the A/C energy bills.

How Super Cooling Works
Electricity rates are cheaper or high at certain hours. From your utility, develop a time-of-use or time-of-day plan. Sign up for the plan that works best for you. These plans work particularly well for those away from home most hours of the day, although anyone can benefit.

To start supercooling your house, tune your thermostat to a temperature as cool as you can bear, say 68 to 74 degrees. But do it only when your utility charges cheapest rates. That should cool everything in the house including the floor, sofa, walls, and ceiling. You might have to put on warm clothing or use extra blankets in the bed if the temperature is too low.

Once the peak hours, when the utility charges high rates, set in, turn on the thermostat to the warmest temperature that you can stand. Most people will be comfortable with indoor temperatures at 78 – 80 degrees.

How Effective Is Super Cooling on Reducing Energy Use?
For those who are budget and energy-conscious, supercooling has proven to reduce the energy bills to some extent.

By the time you turn the thermostat to the warmest temperature, your house has already been chilled that it’ll take time before you can get uncomfortably warm. And that will eliminate the need to turn on the air conditioner for a couple of hours.

Some homeowners have reported that if you want to maximize the benefits of supercooling, try to unplug the unneeded appliances and avoid doing your laundry during the peak hours. The method can reduce your energy bills by 25-50%.

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July 10, 2018 9:14 pm