Why You Need a Home Energy Audit

WA air conditioning energy saving tipsA home energy audit also referred to as a home energy assessment, examines how your home wastes or loses energy and what steps you should take to improve the energy efficiency and overall comfort of your house. Home energy audits are able to reveal issues that will have a significant impact on the comfort of your home when corrected and will save you a fortune in the long run. Here are a few reasons you need a home energy audit.

The main reason you need a home energy audit is for safety. Home energy assessments typically include combustion safety testing, which is performed on the heating equipment in your home. The combustion safety testing focuses on three different areas: carbon monoxide levels, gas leakage, and exhaust leakage. Exposed fittings and gas pipes are tested for leaks to make sure they are sealed properly. Not only is the exhaust pressure of the equipment tested, but the exhaust is also tested for high levels of carbon monoxide.

Air Leakage & Infiltration
Another reason you need a home energy audit is to test for air leakage and infiltration. Energy auditors use a blower door in order to identify areas where the air is leaking out of a house. Energy auditors frequently find air leaking through outlets and faceplates on switches. Air can escape around pipes, doors, under sinks, and windows. As you can imagine, all of these areas can add up very quickly. If you combine all of these places together and you may end up with a sizable space that’s constantly open.

The blower door test can reveal why your home isn’t as comfortable as it could be. Leaking air is also a major source of energy loss in homes. Therefore, the blower door test can help you identify sources of leaking air and allow you to seal these gaps to make your home more efficient and comfortable.

Prioritized Repairs
If you’re not sure which repairs you should prioritize for your home, you should have a home energy audit conducted to give you the answers you need. A home energy audit will give you insight into which repairs are most budget-friendly and which repairs will lead to the greatest returns in the long run. Some energy auditors provide savings projections, detailed incentive breakdowns, and project pricing for repairs. As you probably know from experience, it can be difficult to make home improvements. Fortunately, a home energy audit should help simplify this process.

As you can see, there are many advantages of having a home energy assessment performed. For more information about why you need a home energy audit or to schedule your home energy audit, don’t hesitate to contact us here at WA Air Conditioning, which serves the Trinity, Texas area! We are a family-owned business that has served as Trinity and Walker County‚Äôs premier air conditioning company for more than 25 years.

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June 11, 2018 4:38 pm