Why You Should Schedule a Home Energy Audit

As energy costs in Trinity, TX, continue to rise, many homeowners are seeking ways to decrease their monthly expenses. An energy audit of your home can help lower utility bills by making the home more energy efficient. The auditing process is a comprehensive review of the entire house and provides the owner with actionable steps to save money. Our heating and cooling service team at W A Air Conditioning offers guidance on why you should schedule an energy audit of your home.

What an Energy Audit Is For

An energy audit is designed to assess a home’s energy usage and efficiency. A qualified auditor will have experience in structural engineering, design, heating and cooling, mechanical, electrical and construction methods. The goal of the audit is to provide the owner of a home with a list of actions to take to reduce utility costs and create a more energy efficient and sustainable household.

The Auditing Process

The auditing process takes a few hours. The auditor will examine the entire house, inside and out, top to bottom. He or she will check out the crawl space and attic insulation, examine the efficiency of the major appliances and look for air leaks around doors and windows. Once the audit is complete, the auditor will provide the homeowner with a written copy of the findings. The written report will include a cost – benefit analysis of recommended actions, including how much it will cost to make the recommended changes to the home and what the energy and monetary savings will be.

Benefits of Scheduling a Home Energy Audit

There are many benefits to having an energy audit performed on your home, especially if you are looking to decrease your monthly outgoing bills.

  • Guidance for making home updates to lower energy consumption.
  • Cost-benefit analysis to help homeowners decide which changes will provide the most bang for the buck.
  • Estimates for the cost of upgrades, repairs and replacements so that homeowners can create a budget for projects.
  • Lower energy consumption of the home will create long lasting energy savings.
  • Greater resale value for energy efficient homes.

A home energy audit can help you save money and bring you peace of mind knowing that your home is as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Even if you make just one recommended change at a time, it will take you well on the way to lower utility costs. For more information about home energy audits, call us at W A Air Conditioning at any time.


August 16, 2013 5:06 pm