Why You Shouldn’t Skip Home Energy Audits

Home energy audits are rarely something a homeowner has on their list of to-dos. However, home energy audits are worth your time and more straightforward than the term would lead you to believe.

Audit Insights

The word audit is off-putting at times.  However, a home energy audit is merely an assessment of how energy efficient your home is operating. A home energy assessment is the same thing as a home energy audit. The information gathered from your self-audit lets you know the amount of energy you consume versus ways to make your home more energy efficient.

During the assessment, you will check for leaks, gaps in insulation, examining your ductwork for blockages, and testing furnaces. You may not feel confident in auditing your energy efficiency yourself. A professional technician, also known as an energy auditor,  is available and trained to spot issues that you miss.

Benefit of Energy Auditor

Expert technicians have equipment and knowledge that make them more efficient than you performing the audit yourself. The auditor will go room to room for close examination and includes a blower door test.

If you plan on utilizing a professional energy auditor, you will want to make a list of questions and concerns. For instance, you will need to note existing issues that you are aware of, including over condensation or rooms with severe drafts.  The technician will likely have specific requirements to assess your energy efficiency efficiently.

  • Is every room in your home utilized? If not, then you may choose to have the ductwork closed off to save money and become energy efficient.
  • What do you set your thermostat on during every season is information the technician will require to make an assessment.
  • The schedules of everyone living in the house is pertinent information during an audit. The auditor will need the data for a full review.

You may wish to do an energy audit on your own. However, we at W A Air Conditioning serve Texas with pride and a fleet of well-trained technicians. We are available to answer questions, concerns, or audit your home to save you money and your home’s energy.


January 30, 2018 3:28 pm