Zoning Systems Give Trinity Area Homeowners Complete Temperature Control

zoning systemsHomeowners in the Trinity area know how much they rely on their HVAC systems to keep them comfortable through the year. But with heating and cooling costs adding up to around half of the total energy use in your home, this can be costly. The good news is that home zoning systems provide a way for you to have more control over heating and cooling in your home, and at a lower cost.

What Are Home Zoning Systems?

Most of us grew up at homes with just one thermostat. Whatever its setting in a central room, usually on the main floor, affected temperatures throughout the house, despite the fact that different levels and rooms heat or cool easier than others. A zoning system solves this problem by separating the house into different zones, with independent temperature control for each zone. This means less wasted energy since unused rooms or zones don’t need to be fully heated or cooled. It also means home occupants with different temperature preferences can set the temperature in a certain area to suit themselves.

By installing a zoning system, you can control when certain areas in your home are heated and cooled and at what temperature. Controllable dampers in your ductwork effectively keep certain zones at a comfortable temperature, meaning that you can pay the bills of conditioning a seemingly much smaller home.

Do Zoning Systems Work in All Homes?

A home zoning system can benefit all types of homes, but some may see more benefits than others. Homes with high cathedral ceilings in certain rooms, and with rooms that have their own heating and cooling challenges – sun rooms, above-garage areas, furnished basements or attics, multiple stories where heat may consistently rise to upper floors, etc. – can greatly benefit from a zoning system.

What Will a Zoning System Do for You?

A zoning system won’t just reduce your energy bills; it also can make your home more comfortable (for example, directing cool air to the kitchen when you’re cooking), and reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC system.

To learn more about zoning systems and how it can work in your Trinity, Huntsville or Groveton area home, please contact us today at WA Air Conditioning.

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November 18, 2014 1:01 pm